Our Approach

From the Pacific shores of San Diego to the mountain tops of Sun Valley,  Idaho, to the Silicon Valley of Northern California, Andrew Welch has  continued to refine his culinary skills and creative approach as a restaurateur. Since the early age of 15, Andrew has worked  each and  every  restaurant  position. The industry called upon Andrew and  ‘WOW’,  did he answer! His style of food and hospitality can  be  best described as  highest quality,  sustainable , and healthful, delivered by employees who  are as passionate as he is about the best guest experience.  Andrew  has  spent his entire career cultivating relationships with   purveyors and  suppliers  that  share his integrity and beliefs ensuring that he  continues  to serve the best possibly sourced sustainable fish, never ever  programmed meats, and local, organic, seasonal produce,  all  delivered  daily.  His  operating strength is focused on local businesses and community.  Andrew maintains that  “one should never run before they walk in business”, especially in the highly ‐ skilled, reputable business of  restaurants.  He has walked carefully.  Every step along the way has given  him a greater understanding and appreciation for the surrounding community and how to operate well within it.


ANDREW WELCH – Proprietor


ROBERTO JUAREZ – Executive Chef

STEVEN VU – Head Chef/Expeditor

SARA SCROGGINS – Beverage Director

BRUNO AMEDORE – Wine Director